Thinking about a Nap Time Job?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Exploring "Nap Time Jobs"

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Hey there, Tranquility Tribe!  Welcome to this Influencer Moms episode of the Tranquility Tribe podcast!  In today’s episode, supermom Megan Loftin talks to Hehe about her fascinating “naptime job” and how she manages to find balance in her busy life.  

Who is Megan?

Among many other things, Megan is a businesswoman, wife, dog-owner, and mother of a three-year-old boy.  In addition to her full-time day job, Megan runs a business called Bootstrap Boutique, where she sells products and makes YouTube videos to document her journey and support other individuals who are also interested in getting involved.  

Did you know that most of the products you buy on Amazon are not actually sold by Amazon??  It’s true!  Many Amazon products are actually sold by third-party sellers and then are shipped by Amazon through a system called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).  And that’s where Megan comes in!  Using FBA, Megan sells products to customers without having to worry about packaging, shipping, or storing inventory. 

Looking to get involved in something in addition to her job, Megan started a YouTube channel to document her search and to help keep herself accountable.  Not long after, she discovered FBA and her business took off from there!  Now her YouTube channel has over 6,000 subscribers and she has made videos covering hundreds of topics and involving countless experts related to FBA.

Megan’s Tips and Tricks

Megan is full of helpful advice for parents and aspiring business owners alike!  One of the pieces of advice that Megan offers in this podcast is the importance of keeping your tribe close.  Whether you are a tiny human, expecting a tiny human, or have just welcomed a tiny grand-human into your family, having the support of a tribe is essential.  Don’t be afraid to lean on your people - they are there to help you in whatever ways they can!

For all of you out there who are thinking about starting a business, Megan says go for it!  Find something that you are passionate about and start off slowly.  You’ll have time to build as you go, but you don’t want to dive in so quickly that you become too overwhelmed early on.  And don’t be afraid to make a mistake!  Messing up is part of the process, and an important one at that.  Without mistakes, you wouldn’t be able to learn and grow as a business owner and a person.  Plus, the good news is that very few mistakes will actually be truly costly, so more likely than not you will benefit from your mistakes more than you will lose!

In addition to running a business, Megan also has three years of experience being a mom.  She shares some of the most important lessons that she has learned along the way.  First of all, everyone out there will have an opinion about how you should be raising your kid, but the truth is that you know your tiny human best!  Trust your inner mom instinct and stick with your gut, because it will lead you in the right direction.  And additionally, in the age of increasing technology and lifestyles that are busier than ever, do your best to be present around your kids.  Watch them grow, learn, and explore their world, and take pride in what you have accomplished in creating them and supporting them along the way! 

To learn more about Megan’s business, you can find her at her YouTube page and on Twitter at @megloftin and on Instagram @thebootstrapboutique.

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Written by our Guest Blogger, Kyra Shreeve. She is a Biochemistry, Health Policy, and Music student at Brandeis University. 

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