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But, my hands are full!

10 one-handed, low-prep, go-to snacks for new moms So often new moms are stuck wondering if they will ever find the time to sit down and eat a full meal ever again. Between feedings, diaper changes, doctors appointments, play dates, and household chores, it can be challenging to find time to prepare food let alone eat. Here is a list that requires little prep and can be easily taken on-the-go.  Apples Whole apples or apples slices are a wonderful go-to snack. Green apples specifically hold a lot of nutritional value such as fiber which improves digestion, protein, and Vitamin A, B6, and C. It helps with liver function as well as helps keep your skin radiant and healthy. Plus, apples are low in calories.  String Cheese  Cheese is such a delicious snack. String cheese, cheese squares, cheese crisps, and cheese wheels are fail proof. They are tiny, transportable, and easily consumed! For moms who have removed dairy from their d

Wanna know a secret? This is YOUR birth.

{ Snag your seat in our  FREE TRAINING  to master your mindset for birth without the fear and anxiety! } Bless Your Heart I recently did virtual support for a mom down south. When she was 2 days past her due date, she was so calm and completely relaxed. read that right. She was relaxed. She was confident in her body and the process. She trusted her healthcare provider and she found comfort in her baby's ability to start labor when he was ready. She knew when her little boy was ready to make his grand entrance, he would. She knew her healthcare provider would let her know if anything was wrong and if not, she was going to keep herself busy until the time came. And she did. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A mother, down south, with such a...... crunchy  outlook on birth. Her confidence in her own choices was overwhelming (and inspiring). It brought me to tears. It made me realize that the birth world is changing f

Why do I {Doula} what I do?

One of my favorite questions to be asked is, "What is a doula?" One of my least favorite responses is the rushed, elevator speech because it was the cashier at Target that asked the question and there's 10 (already agitated) people behind me in line. I wish for everyone who asked me what it is a doula actually does, there was a button I could press to pause time; just stop life right where it was. This would allow me to explain just what it is that keeps me coming back to the L&D over and over again. This would allow everyone who ever ventured to ask me "What do you do?" to see the radiating passion for birth, parents, and babies pour out of me; heart and soul. " you watch babies actually come out?" Simple answer, yes. Deeper answer, no. "Watching babies come out" is a very small part of what I do as a doula. The shortest description I can give someone to describe what I do is " I