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When Seconds Matter in Birth

When Seconds Matter in Birth When folks think of birth, it is oftentimes scenes from movies, tv shows, or stories from friends that pop into our heads. Almost immediately, we also think of the pain, physical labor, and probably lots of drugs that we are accustomed to thinking are required to get through this process of birthing a child. As society has molded us to believe this, we have slowly handed over control--but to no fault of our own. Part of staying in control during situations is being able to have enough information that you can make an informed and educated next step.  If you aren’t prepared to face the variables and normal variations of labor then thinking about your next move may make you realize that you’re not sure what your options are! This can strike a sudden and very uncomfortable fear. You worry something will go wrong and you won’t know what to do. But, you can know what to do and it all comes down to the way in which you prepare for your birth. So... let’s dive int

What is Early Intervention?

What is Early Intervention? You’ve spent months preparing for your baby’s delivery and navigated the forever changing ups and downs of pregnancy and labor. Now baby is here. They are growing more each day, and you find yourself continuously questioning their development. Often comparing them to other similarly aged children and asking questions like “Should my baby be walking by now?” or “Should they be talking more?”. These questions don’t have a hard answer because every child will develop different skills on their own time and with practice. But this does not mean you have to navigate it alone. Early Intervention is an available program designed to help support families and their child’s development.  What is Early Intervention? Early Intervention is a publicly funded program meant to service children and their families from birth-3 years, who present with developmental delays or disabilities or are at risk for developmental delays due to a medical diagnosis or socioeconomic factors