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Low-Down on Plus-sized Pregnancies

Plus-sized Pregnancies 101 Hey Tranquility Tribe! Pregnancy can be a tough journey for anybody, but if you’re plus-size, the journey can be even tougher. However, there are so many things you can do as a plus-size mama to help yourself along this journey, and we’re here to give you the low-down on that today! 50 percent of today’s pregnant moms are overweight and 1 in 4 are obese. The higher body mass index, or BMI, you have, the higher your risk for complications like pre-eclampsia, blood clots and premature birth becomes. One of the most common complications plus-size women face in pregnancy is gestational diabetes - overweight women are anywhere from two to eight times more likely to develop it, and unfortunately the condition can lead to further complications like preterm labor and increased risk of c-section.   While this may sound frightening, it’s important to remember that being plus-size doesn’t automatically make your

Perinatal Mental Health with Jess Vanderwier Part 2!

Continuing the Conversation: Perinatal Mental Health with Jess Vanderwier Part 2!   (This is a two part episode! To catch up and check out Part 1, click  here !) Hey TBH Village! This week, we’re back to continue our super important conversation with mental health therapist Jess Vanderwier about postpartum mood disorders. Let’s dive back in! When it comes to treatment, it all loops back into the risk factors that cause  postpartum depression  and  anxiety  issues in the first place. A professional can help you evaluate all the aspects of your postpartum life that can contribute to these issues. For example, in terms of biology, it would be important to get a physical checkup, especially concerning your thyroid, to make sure there is not an underlying issues causing symptoms.  Sleep  is another important factor to look at it, as lack of it can both cause and exacerbate issues - you should ideally be getting a solid fou

Social Call with a Newborn?

Hey Villagers! Let’s be honest - there’s nothing quite like the excitement of brand new baby rolling into town. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or neighbor who has added a new tiny human to their home, you may be waiting on the edge of your seat to meet the new babe. Before you go running to get your share of baby snuggles, there are a few unspoken rules you should keep in mind when it comes to visiting a newborn and we’re going to break those down for you today. First of all - when exactly is it okay to come knocking on their door? Ask when it would be a convenient time for them and never come over unannounced.  Definitely come with a practical gift in tow - you can never go wrong with food for a busy new family! Maybe pick up some fruit or something else fresh as they’re probably relying on the freezer for most of their meals. Always lend a helping hand during your visit. Offer to take care of those dishes in the sink or t

Feely Snotty in Pregnancy? There's a reason!

Mucus Production & Pregnancy Doesn't sound awesome, but doesn't sound too bad, does it? You're probably thinking a runny nose and you're not too far off, but it can also look like ear infections and sinus infections. During pregnancy, your hormones rage (duh!), but the specific surges in estrogen does helpful things like increasing blood supply to your vaginal area and creating your mucus plug. Since you're pregnant, you can't take most medications. Even if you could, many people choose to limit medication consumption during pregnancy and nursing. So what are you to do? Just be a walking snot factory for 9+ months? No, not at all. Like everything else, you have some choice here on your approaches. Here are a few remedies to clear mucus : - Chiropractic care - Drinking lots of water - Adding electrolytes to your water - Eating garlic + onions - Cutting down (consider eliminating) dairy - Netti po

Perinatal Mental Health with Jess Vanderwier

(This is also an episode of The Birth Lounge Podcast, listen here  for part 1 of this series!) The transition to motherhood is an exciting time, but what’s often not talked about in our culture is how scary and lonely that transition into the unknown can be. In this two part series, we’re going to be going into the nitty of gritty of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in hopes of erasing the stigma and increasing your awareness of these postpartum possibilities.   Jess Vanderwier is a mental health therapist and mother who experienced a pretty rough transition to motherhood herself. She had a pretty normal pregnancy until about 22 weeks, when she started feeling some really strong cramping. In the emergency room, she found out she was at high risk for preterm labor and her life quickly transitioned from one of a busy, working woman finishing up graduate school to someone stuck on bed rest. While she thankfully carried the baby to fu