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Finding the Balance of Motherhood and Managing a Quickly Growing Business

Does Balance Even Exist in Parenthood? 

[This is also an episode of Friday Free Talk on The Tranquility Tribe Podcast on iTunes. Listen here.]

Hey Tranquility Tribe!  Welcome to the second episode of the Influencer Moms series!  Today, Hehe spoke to the incredibly inspiring Amber Dalton, a mother of five and the owner of a rapidly expanding business.  Her outlook on life and the way in which she juggles her many responsibilities as gracefully as she does are the reasons that she is our next featured momma!

All about Amber

Amber lives in Mississippi with her husband and four kids, ages six, four, two, and four months.  Thanks to the many experiences that she has had with her children, Amber has a wide range of knowledge about the birth world.  She had planned for a home birth with her first child, but after 24 hours of painful labor she decided to go to the hospital for morphine and some extra pairs of hands to help with her delivery.  Her second child was successfully born at home with no medication and Amber was hoping to do the same with her third, but after learning that he had spina bifida she scheduled a C-section instead.  Because of the risks of a vaginal birth after a C-section, Amber decided to have her fifth child in the hospital.  In addition to her variety of births, Amber shared that she also had a miscarriage; she holds a special place in her heart and her family for her fifth tiny human and trusts that they are waiting for her in heaven.

How did Amber’s business get started?

In addition to being a full-time mommy, Amber is the founder of Mom After God’s Own Heart, a business “for the mommas, the babies, and the birth workers.”  Amber started her business about two years ago after receiving a vinyl cutting machine as a gift.  She had always had an interest in graphic design, and when she obtained the resources that she needed she decided to pursue her passion by creating decals for a variety of apparel and accessories.  Because she values her faith highly, her original goal was to share her faith through her business so she started by producing scripture-based decals. 

After Amber’s sister-in-law, who recently earned her doula certification, worked with Amber for her fifth child’s birth, Amber decided to thank her with birth world-related apparel.  Amber’s followers were very excited about the new designs and since then, her target market has expanded to include the birth field.  Although she was not originally planning on becoming involved in the birth work field, her background makes it a very fitting place for her to be!

When speaking about how she manages to handle her business and her duties as a busy mom, Amber says that she is still trying to find the perfect balance.  As the demand for her products has increased, she has had to adapt to her changing responsibilities.  Amber found that trying to get her work done throughout the day was getting in the way of her ability to stay on top of her role as a mom and a wife.  In an effort to reaffirm her priorities, she now focuses on caring for and homeschooling her kids during the day and works on her business after her kids go to sleep, often staying up until one or two in the morning.  Although she is always busy, she says that she doesn’t mind because she is doing what she loves.  And in those moments when she does feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, she draws from her faith and trusts that she will find the time and the strength to accomplish what she needs to get done. 

Amber’s advice

Amber shares that the biggest lesson she has learned so far is to not let her business become a burden.  Energized by her passion, she realizes that the fact that she gets to do what she loves is a blessing and she strives to focus on the positives.  For those of you who are considering starting your own business, Amber says make sure that you are clear about your priorities and are pursuing something that you enjoy, and then go for it!  Keep in mind that if you are doing something that you are passionate about, it shouldn’t be draining; although owning a business requires time and energy, at the end of the day your accomplishments should be a reward that makes up for the work. 

In addition to her tips for budding business owners, Amber also has some advice for parents – embrace the relationship that you get to form with your kids!  Observing a tiny human’s outlook on life is a blessing, and Amber shares a story about her third child to prove it.  When she learned that her new baby had spina bifida, a condition in which the spinal cord does not develop properly, she was told that he may never walk.  However, after multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy, her son Ezekiel (which appropriately means “God will strengthen”) has been walking unassisted for about a month and a half.  Amber’s experiences as a mom have taught her about the incredible resilience of tiny humans; each day that you get to see a tiny humans grow is a gift!

If you want to learn more about Amber’s business and check out her products, you can find her at  She is open for orders every couple of weeks.  And if you have design ideas or want to offer feedback and support, visit her VIP Facebook page!

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"Welcome to the Tranquility Tribe"

Written by our Guest Blogger, Kyra Shreeve. She is a Biochemistry, Health Policy, and Music student at Brandeis University. 


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