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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

From Conception to Postpartum - Keeping You in Alignment
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Hey Tranquility Tribe! This week, we’re getting into all things chiropractic with Dr. Lizzie Sobel, a low force, gentle chiropractic based in Massachusetts who has been practicing since 2012. We know the idea of going to a chiropractor can send shivers up the spine for some of y’all, but Lizzie is here to settle all your fears and misconceptions and get you thinking about how chiropractic care could be an essential part of your pregnancy, postpartum, or even your newborn’s life!

Lizzie had her first experience with chiropractic care when she was 12 years old and experiencing daily headaches and back pain. After being referred to a chiropractor, she quickly became a believer in how helpful holistic approaches to health can be. Lizzie knows there can be fear and hesitation when it comes to the chiropractor, but she insists that it’s incredibly safe, with the same level of risk as massage or physical therapy! She personally practices a very low-force style of adjusting - no cracks or pops here!

In terms of pregnancy, Lizzie has practiced chiropractic on people from right after conception to the day of delivery - seriously! Because these adjustments are gentle and specific, they can often be the most physically comfortable part of a pregnant person’s week! The sacroiliac joints in the pelvis are the number one area of discomfort that she sees in her pregnant patients, but she sees and treats pain for these people anywhere from head to toe. Pain can pop up for the first time during pregnancy or previous pain can be exacerbated during it - either way, a chiropractor could help. Our bodies are constantly in sympathetic nervous system overload, causing us tons of stress, and chiropractic care can bring out the parasympathetic system and relax you. 

Chiropractic is all about getting things into alignment, and proper alignment can help with everything from a smoother labor process to postpartum healing. Bio-mechanically and physically, chiropractic care can help the pelvis be balanced and relaxed and so your body can open and adapt to labor as well as possible. The uterus connects to so many ligaments in the pelvis, and having those relaxed and aligned can play a super helpful role in preparing for labor. Lizzie sees a lot of postpartum patients with upper back and neck pain as they’re getting used to all the bending over that comes as part of life with a newborn - diapering, changing, breastfeeding, even just lifting a baby. Logistically, it may be challenging to come in to an office during the hecticness that can be postpartum life, but Lizzie suggests trying to carve out your hour at the chiropractor as necessary self-care. 

Besides pregnant and postpartum women, Lizzie also treats newborns and babies - yup, you heard that right! Lizzie insists that adjustments for adults look completely different for those done on infants - if you were to close your eyes and press the pad of one of your fingers over your closed eyeball, that’s the extent of the amount of pressure she applies! Chiropractic care for babies can be looked at as a “welcome to earth” alignment. As Hehe puts it, imagine you’re a tiny human in a huge house, but as you grow, your house doesn’t and everything gets smaller and smaller. By the time it’s all said and done, you’re cramped and forced to leave through the teeniest hallway where it takes hours to squeeze yourself out - after all of that, wouldn’t you want some alignment help? As Lizzie says, infant chiropractic care is truly preventative care, getting baby off to the best start both biologically and physically.

Many of Lizzie’s newborn patients come in after a really long or really short birth, or maybe a birth from a funky position or even via surgery or assist. Others come in because of nursing issues or a head preference side that may be causing flattening or asymmetry on the head. Regardless, it’s so helpful to catch and address issues early on to free baby’s nervous system from any stress big or small.

If you’re interested in reaching out to Lizzie and diving more into the world of chiropractic care for yourself or your baby, you can find everything you need to know at http://www.wholesomehealingchiro.com/

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