10 Apps Every New Parent Needs

Thursday, April 4, 2019

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10 Apps Every New Parent Needs

Apps make life easier. That is a no-brainer. Wanna lose weight? There's an app for that. Wanna find a hot date? There's an app for that! Wanna order food so you don't have to leave your lulu's and the couch? No problem, there's an app for that. There's even an app that you see a doctor when you're sick and you never have to leave home! Now, THAT is concierge service and I'm here for that.

While I can't move in with every Tranquility by HeHe family, although that would be fun, I can offer you a list of apps that I use in my daily life as a Maternity Concierge and recommend these to every single one of our clients. These apps will get your more sleep, help you support your child's development, and carve out a bit of self-care time for yourself! I wouldn't dare live without these apps and you shouldn't either!

Baby Connect: $4.99, “Best $5 you will spend.” This app tracks bottles, breastfeeding, diapers, types of types, sleep, plus foods and solids when you get there! It also has messaging between caretakers if you have more than one person who care for your babe or if you just don’t love texting with the nanny.

White Noise: free, I personally use this app and I love it because it gets so loud. Do be careful with how loud you play white noise, but in large rooms a louder sound can be helpful. The pro to this app is that is drains the battery fast so it requires your phone/iPod/iPad to be near an outlet to be plugged in.

Sanity + Self: free, Self-care time, BINGO! I love this app because it is aimed at women. There are meditations which are nice because they are short and sweet or there are series if you are looking for a deep meditation. There’s even an entire community on there. I haven’t explored it yet, but it looked very inviting!

Think Dirty: This is an app that you can scan health, beauty and some wellness products and see how “green” or healthy it is supposed to be. An alternative to this, and some say is a much more honest company, is EWG’s Healthy Living App. Both apps have flaws, so I suggest downloading both and using both as one resource.

Kinedu: $9/month, This app is amazing! It gives parents developmentally appropriate play activities to do at home with their little ones. The activities are for birth to 2 years old!

Lactmed: free, You can enter medications and it will tell you whether it is breastfeeding friendly or not. The only con to this app is that not all medications are listed, but this is a downfall to every app.

Talk Space: free to start, $49/month to continue. This is an amazing options for two reasons. One, it uses technology to match you with someone who is a perfect match and it is done right in the palm of your hand. Anywhere. One downfall is that Talkspace does not accept insurance. However, you can use your FSA for this. Skeptical? Here is an in-depth, honest review of the app.

Podcast: free, I love a certain podcast for new and expecting parents! There is so much knowledge in the podcast world. There are podcast specifically about infertility, pregnancy, preparing for birth, postpartum, motherhood, and parenting your children. There are so many styles and approach out there that you are bound to find your tribe!

Audible: $15/month, another way you can combat the loneliness that is often brought on by having a new baby is to fill your time with e-books. Hearing the books be read stimulates your brain in a similar way to being with someone else. There are so many books out there. If you want to listen about the period of life you’re in, go for it. I encourage you to listen to books of interest so you actually listen. This is supposed to be a slice of self-care, not background noise in your day. If you found yourself reading so many educational and informational books during pregnancy, take the postpartum time to indulge in books that are purely pleasure!

A photo app: There are so many of these and I dislike all of them, but I see the importance of having photos online. Personally I have used google photo, Tiny Beans, and Shutterfly.

Apps are a great way to simplify your life and ease the transition to parenthood. Kiddos don't come with instructions, but now they come with apps and that's the next best thing!

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