HeHe's Top 10 Baby Picks!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Boston, MA, USA

HeHe's Top 10 Baby Picks

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When I looked around my home and office, I actually had more of a hard time deciding what not to include rather than struggling to come up with 10 items. I, at first, had a list of over 20 items. Then, I began to narrow it down to items that had multiple uses and one that could be replaced or substituted by something else. That left me with a list of about 16 items. Whew, this was freaking hard. 

Alas, I had narrowed it down to what I couldn't live without. Well, I don't live without these items. I don't own every one of these items.. yet. Since I am a doula that hasn't yet had kids, my experience and preference for things like the strollers and bassinets comes from working with hundreds of families over the years. Here goes...

The Good Stuff

  1. Soft Wrap: This is different than a carrier. Personally, I love the boba! It is soft, stretchy, and compact when traveling. I take mine everywhere.
  2. Dockatot: I love this product because it is so versatile. It is not recommended as a safe sleep surface but it allows parents to have a portable "baby space."
  3. Diaper Pail: This is a must. Just do it and invest the money. You can purchase off-brand refill bags for much cheaper than name brand, but the hassle that it saves you is worth it ten times over. Also it does a pretty darn good job of keeping the smell of blowouts contained if you know what I mean! I prefer the steel barrel, bagless pails like the Ubbi.
  4. Haakkaa: Their hand pump, in my opinion, is to be used in addition to a pump and a manual hand pump. I prefer to use the haakaa to catch the letdown of the breast not being nursed. It's light and easy to take on the go! I've heard people complain that it tips over too easy and therefore has led to some spilled milk situation! No fear! You can purchase a stopper here. I also love their nipple shield better than anything you normally get in hospitals.
  5. Stroller: A stroller can make or break your relationship with getting out of the house. Hint: you want to want to get out of the house so buy a stroller that makes you excited to use it! Do your research and invest in a stroller than is durable, safe, and hits all the checkmarks on your list of wants and needs from a stroller. Check out this episode of The Tranquility Tribe Podcast to hear how carseats play a big role in picking out strollers. Compatibility is key!
  6. Monitors: Every family has their own needs for monitors. Personally, I like monitors that have video, sounds, a thermometer, and the ability to connect multiple rooms and monitors. It's a huge plus if the camera is able to move and an even bigger plus if I can login using my phone, iPad, or computer.
  7. Fridababy Arsenal: I am addicted to all things Fridababy! If I had to choose my top three, it would include the NoseFrida, MediFrida, and the Windi. Although, the FeverFrida and NailFrida are in my personal arsenal, too.
  8. Diaper Bag: My favorite trick is to purchase this amazing insert from ToteSavvy to make any of my bags a diaper bag. It ensures that your diaper bag always fits into your fashion!
  9. Sound Machine: No one should sleep without a sound machine. Here's the one I use every night (and I used in the classroom for years). Be mindful of volume--enough to fill the room and protect sleep, but low enough to hear your child and protect their hearing.
  10. Rocking Chair: For those middle of the night cluster feedings and the early mornings that run right into the afternoon, having a rocking chair can be so helpful. It is supportive of your body, but big enough to give you and your baby room. Also, the rocking motion will be soothing for you and baby. Worth the investment in my opinion! You just can't be a glider for this period of life and here's my personal fave!
Bonus: Bottle Tree! You can purchase yours here! Bottles and other baby things are hard to store. Over the years, I have found bottle trees to be worth their weight in gold. I recommend buying extra "limb inserts."

There ya have it, folks.

So there you go. I already have a baby list a mile long for when I finally do have little ones of my own. Until then, I will keep serving you and your mini-me's. I want this village to be a place that you and your partner are supported and you can turn to when you are overwhelmed. Buying for baby should not be a place of stress in your life. Instead, use this list and you will have the basics that keep my world going round. You can grab a PDF printable version of the list here

This is a general list meant to serve thousands of families. HeHe does individual consultations to help families explore their options and makes choices based on the needs of their family and child(ren). You can sign up for your consultation with HeHe here.

If you enjoyed this list of baby items that will be a game-changer for you, then you're going to lose your mind over this list of apps that will simplify parenthood and possibly get you more sleep as a new parent!

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