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Learning to Love Your Body with Katherine Henry

Learning to Love Your Body with Katherine Henry

[This is also an episode of Friday Free Talk on The Tranquility Tribe Podcast on iTunes. Listen here.]

Hello Tranquility Tribe!  I am so excited to tell you about this episode!  Today, Hehe talks to Katherine Henry, a boudoir photographer (that’s right, you read that correctly!).  Together, they talk about what Katherine loves most about her business and why you should consider doing a boudoir photography session yourself!

Katherine lives in Boston with her husband and two kids, Max (5) and Ivy (2).  For the past six years, she has had a studio in Reading, where she does all of her photoshoots.  

Why boudoir photography?

Katherine says that one of the things that she most enjoys about her job is the opportunity that it gives her to build self-confidence in women of all shapes, sizes, races, and ethnicities.  Before the photoshoot, she gets to know her clients by chatting over the phone or by email, and she always asks them what part of their body they are most self-conscious about and what part they want to highlight.  During the photoshoot, Katherine uses this information to both celebrate what her client likes about herself and also challenge what she isn’t as happy with. Through her photography, she encourages women to see past their insecurities and realize how strong and beautiful they are.  

And she’s often successful!  Katherine says that when she finishes editing the photos from a photoshoot, she likes to have her clients come back so that they can look at them together.  Her clients often come in saying that they only expect to like one or two of the photos, and they almost always leave speechless and in love with the whole collection.  

Considering boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a great way to take some time to celebrate yourself.  Whether you’re pregnant and want to document your experience or you just had a baby and want to reconnect with your body, there are countless different reasons to look into doing a photoshoot.  

Interested, but not sure if it’s for you?  That’s completely normal! As Katherine says, she doesn’t go into a photoshoot expecting her client to know exactly how to pose or what to do.  Before the photoshoot, Katherine shares lots and lots of sample pictures and tips to help her clients prepare. And during the shoot, Katherine even acts out the poses herself to make her clients feel more comfortable and really see what they should do.  Katherine also encourages her clients to bring other clothes in addition to lingerie so that if they aren’t as comfortable posing in lingerie, they’ll still have some pictures that they are comfortable with. As Katherine points out, these photoshoots are for her clients and it’s important for her to make sure that it goes the way that they want it to.  

Tips and tricks for the mom/businesswoman

If you’ve been following this podcast, you’ve heard the stories of many women who manage to be both moms and business owners by now!  Each supermom has her own strategies for juggling all of her many responsibilities, and Katherine was happy to share hers! One of Katherine’s most helpful tips for maintaining a healthy work/life balance is to put her phone on silent and try to avoid using it as much as possible when she is with her family.  By focusing on being present and stepping away from electronics, she is able to enjoy each moment as much as possible and not get too caught up in her busy schedule.

Surprise, surprise - Katherine also believes in the incredible power of both her village and self-care!  From having her mom watch over her kids on the days that she has photoshoots to trading sleep-in days with her husband, Katherine depends on her village for support and encouragement.  Katherine also makes sure that she takes time to do activities that she enjoys; whether that means waking up early to squeeze in a workout session or just taking an hour to read, self-care allows her to stay sane and successful!  As Katherine shares, the biggest lesson that she’s learned through her journey is that sometimes, you just need to put yourself first (and not feel guilty for doing so!)

And for all of you who are thinking about starting your own business, Katherine says jump right in and go for it!  

If you are interested in learning more about Katherine and her photography business, visit or find her on Instagram at @kahenry!

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Written by our Guest Blogger, Kyra Shreeve. She is a Biochemistry, Health Policy, and Music student at Brandeis University. 


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