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The Benefits of Milk Baths

Become a Milk Bath Goddess 

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Thanks for joining us for this week’s episode of the Tranquility Tribe Podcast, Villagers!  In this episode, Hehe talked to business owner and self-care guru, Carli Ambrose.  Whether you practice self-care regularly or are just starting to discover what self-care means to you, you will definitely want to hear about the methods of indulgence that Carli has to offer!

Although the idea of self-care has become a major trend recently, it is far more than just a buzzword.  Making sure to take time to check in and spend time with yourself on a regular basis, regardless of what that looks like for you, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle as well as a great way to relax and express yourself!  Self-care is especially useful during and after pregnancy, when setting aside time for yourself can help you learn about your changing body.  And the benefits extend to your new little one as well – your stress hormones can affect your baby’s health before and after birth, so giving yourself a way to relieve some of your everyday stress is a great way to help your tiny human stay healthy.

Who is Carli?

Carli Ambrose is the owner of Milk Bath Goddess, a business that focuses on providing beauty products with simple, clean ingredients.  Carli has been a hairdresser for 10 years, and throughout her time in the hairdressing industry she began to recognize the lack of regulation that was enabling companies to label their products as organic when in reality they still contained chemicals and other ingredients that suggested otherwise.  Inspired by a desire to understand the ingredients in the products she was using and to use products with as few ingredients as possible, Carli decided to do some research and start her own business. 

Why milk baths?

The popularity of salt baths and bath bombs has increased along with the rise of self-care; however, Carli was interested in pursuing what she felt was a more underrated product: milk baths.  As the name suggests, milk baths are soothing baths that contain milk, herbs and flowers, and essential oils.  The idea of milk baths has been around for centuries; it is said that even Cleopatra used to bath in milk, and for good reason, too!  Milk baths have a wide range of benefits, from relaxation to exfoliation to providing relief from dry or itchy skin.  The natural vitamins and minerals found in milk create a calming environment that is perfect for destressing and renewal. 

What is the best product for pre- and post-natal self-care?

As Carli points out, there is a lot of debate on whether or not to use essential oils when pregnant.  If you have never used essential oils before, Carli recommends talking with your doctor before introducing them into your self-care regimen.  And if you are familiar with using essential oils, you should stick to gentle, calming oils such as chamomile, lavender, and patchouli, and you should limit your exposure to 15-20 minutes.  Carli advises especially staying away from oils such as rosemary, clove, wormwood, and cinnamon bark, which are a little stronger and could stimulate contractions.

If you want to try Carli’s milk baths but are worried about the effects of essential oils on your pregnancy, you’re in luck!  All of the milk baths that Carli makes are customizable and can be made with the essential oils that you want or without essential oils at all.  And for those of you with dairy allergies, Carli also offers milk baths made with coconut milk!

To learn more about Carli, you can find her on Facebook at Milk Bath Goddess and on Instagram at @milkbathgoddess.  You can also go to Etsy to customize and purchase your own milk bath and check out the blogger’s special that she is offering to all TBH podcast listeners!  And for those of you who don’t like baths, Carli is releasing new facial and yoni steams soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

Carli's thoughts on how long to soak 

All you need is about 15 minutes in the tub to soak in the benefits but the idea is to take some time to relax unwind and reflect. Take deep breathes, clear your mind and visualize the toxins and stress leaving your body. If you live some place where it is warm I highly recommend cracking a window ( don’t open it all the way or the steam and scent will escape) and letting in the fresh air. Light some candles, dim the lights. And enjoy the relaxing, anti aging benefits of a facial routine for your entire body while soothing your muscles and your mind.

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"Welcome to the Tranquility Tribe"

Written by our Guest Blogger, Kyra Shreeve. She is a Biochemistry, Health Policy, and Music student at Brandeis University. 


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