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10 one-handed, low-prep, go-to snacks for new moms

So often new moms are stuck wondering if they will ever find the time to sit down and eat a full meal ever again. Between feedings, diaper changes, doctors appointments, play dates, and household chores, it can be challenging to find time to prepare food let alone eat. Here is a list that requires little prep and can be easily taken on-the-go. 

Whole apples or apples slices are a wonderful go-to snack. Green apples specifically hold a lot of nutritional value such as fiber which improves digestion, protein, and Vitamin A, B6, and C. It helps with liver function as well as helps keep your skin radiant and healthy. Plus, apples are low in calories. 

String Cheese 
Cheese is such a delicious snack. String cheese, cheese squares, cheese crisps, and cheese wheels are fail proof. They are tiny, transportable, and easily consumed! For moms who have removed dairy from their diet, there are dairy-free cheeses such as Kite Hill, Teese Vegan Cheese, and Follow Your Heart brand.

Nuts are easy to take on-the-go in cups or plastic baggies. They contain healthy fats that are supportive of breastmilk production as well as protein and fiber. Walnuts are packed with powerful antioxidants. A single serving of Hazelnuts has the recommended daily amount of Vitamin E and half the daily dose of Magnesium.  Macadamia nuts can modify the lipids in your bloodstream reducing cholesterol. Grab a handful of nuts and go!

Blueberries and grapes are so convenient! Blueberries have anti-aging properties that prevent wrinkles which can be helpful with a new babe around. They also activate fat-burning cells in the gut as well as contain Ellagic Acid which has been noted to prevent cancer. Grapes contain a nutrient call resveratrol which helps improve the dilation of blood vessels. This can be helpful for moms with perineum healing or healing after a cesarean birth.

Pretzels and Hummus
Who doesn't love a salty snack like pretzels? Be sure to off-set the salt intake with increasing your water intake and limiting the amount of pretzels you eat in one sitting. Hummus comes in so many flavors and is easy to make yourself if you find you have the time.

To-go tubes of yogurt can be so handy for a mom always on the go. Greek yogurt specifically has protein, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin D which help with bone growth. Yogurt also contains live cultures which helps with gut health and can act as a treatment or prevention of thrush for breastfeeding moms.

Hard Boiled Eggs 
Eggs contain a nutrient called Choline which plays an essential role in brain development in infants. For pregnant and nursing mothers, eggs can be an easy snack with many added benefits. Choline also helps brain health in adults.

Celery/Carrot Sticks
Have you ever been told "you burn more calories chewing celery than you get from eating it?" Well, it's true! Celery can be a wonderful food for moms who are focused on healthy eating and weight loss after baby. Celery has been noted to reduce blood pressure because it contains phthalides and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is very rich in vitamin C which helps boost your immune system.

Granola/Protein Bars 
Granola bars and fig bars are easy to grab and go. They are snacks of substance and will prevent you feeling hungry a mere 30 minutes after your last snack. However, for breastfeeding and pumping moms, several snacks throughout the day will help keep your body healthy, strong, and energized.

Dried Fruit 
You can find almost any fruit of choice in dried form--cherries, apricots, peaches, bananas, apples, figs, cranberries, prunes, raisins, pears. You name it, it comes dried. Adding dried fruit with the mixture of nuts mentioned above can be a lovely home-made trail mix to grab when you're headed out the door!

Bonus: Popsicles!! 
Who doesn't love popsicles?! There are several organic brands that are sweet treats! You can also make your own! 

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