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What is Seed Cycling?

What is Seed Cycling and Why Should You Do it? How Do You "Seed Cycle?" Seed cycling is when you rotate different types of seeds in your diet to align with the part of your menstrual cycle you are in. In the first half of your cycle you consume seeds which contribute to estrogen production and in the second half of your cycle you consume seeds which are naturally more progesterone producing in the body. Follicular Phase (Days 1-14) Starting on Day 1 of your period add 2 tablespoons of raw ground flax seeds or pumpkin seeds to your diet. You can add them into a smoothie, top your oatmeal, or add them to your salad. Everyday until ovulation, you’ll have 2 tablespoons of raw ground flax seeds or pumpkin seeds. You can alternate between pumpkin and flax or have them both, it’s up to you. If you don’t get a regular period or you haven’t been getting a period, start seed cycling on the first day of the full moon an

Advocating For Yourself During Birth

Advocating for Yourself During Birth with HeHe Hey Tranquility Tribe! This week, HeHe told the story of Caroline Maletesta of Alabama, whose nurses aggressively prevented her from birthing how she needed to, leaving her traumatized and permanently injured. While situations like this are rare and unfortunate, it’s important to arm yourself with information and techniques to advocate for yourself in birthing situations extreme or small. Things to Know HeHe wants you to know that it’s rare to not be able to have a choice in almost all aspects of your maternity care! Outside of special situations like having a medical condition that requires certain stipulations, you truly are the person in charge in the labor and delivery room. That’s why it is so crucial to arm yourself with knowledge concerning evidence-based care regarding all sorts of situations that may arise during your birth, so you can walk away from your birth feeling confiden

17 Date Nights to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

17 Date Nights to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom Things could be steamier in the bedroom, ay? Would you believe me if I told you that I get asked about sex  all. the. time.  From young women who are trying to break through their limiting beliefs about sex to women who are trying to relight the spark after having a baby and sometimes it's moms who are raising multiple kids, being a supportive partner, and haven't had sex in years.  *moment of silence for all the lost orgasms, take as long as you need, tissues are to the right* Sex is so important. From an emotional standpoint, to a biological standpoint, to a mental health standpoint, and a physical standpoint. SEX IS IMPORTANT. Even more important is raising sexually responsible and sex positive tiny humans, but that's another story for another day. If you are an adult and you aren't having sex, I want to know  why the f*ck not?!  "Not having anyone to have se

Making Peace with the Pain of Labor and Birth

Can You Really  Control Pain During Labor and Delivery? The way one woman births is completely different than any other woman. Even deeper, the way one woman wants to birth is unlike any other, as well. Women will each have their own specific way that they picture their birth going. I challenge you to imagine your ideal birth. I take my clients down specific path ways to explore this side of themselves. So many things will impact the way you feel most comfortable birthing and I believe that one of those things --and a very big one-- is your relationship with pain. Some of this is out of your control like the way you feel pain and how deep that "feel"is exactly. Your pain threshold will also play a role in this. Finally, until you actually sit and think about pain, your relationship with pain has been determined for you by your past experiences. With each heartache, broken arm, and nasty rumor, your body learned what emotional pa