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Your Due Date is Really a Guess Date

{ Snag your seat in our  FREE TRAINING  to master your mindset for birth without the fear and anxiety! } If you've ever spoken to HeHe before... Then you know how frustrating it is to me that healthcare providers put so much weight on due dates--I literally cringe. It evokes such a dramatic eye-roll, I worry my eyes may never recover. Your due date is a guess. It is an estimated guess, so it's really a guess-stimate. To place so much emphasis on a guess-stimate is silly. Then, the expectant parents become infatuated with this one day. The expectant grandparents are obsessed with this date. Friends and family count down the days until this guess-stimate arrives. It creates so much build-up to a date that is simply an estimate.  And what happens when that date has come and gone, yet you are still pregnant? You still don't have a baby to snuggle? You still have to lift your pregnant belly each time you pee and you still have to sleep with a million pillows? Heartach