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Breech Birth

Breech Birth Breech birth is a variation of normal. Hopefully you’ve heard this before, but oftentimes parents carrying breech babes are met with dead ends and discouragement that leaves them with the idea that their baby or body hasn’t done its job properly. Before we go any further, allow me to repeat myself. Breech is a variation of normal, occurring in 3-4% of term pregnancies. Breech fetal presentation means our body, which has answers no text book can teach us, has chosen this position for reasons we may not understand. Remember, things are not inherently bad or dangerous just because we don’t understand them. It just means we have knowledge to gain. What’s important to know is that vaginal breech birth is absolutely possible, and not only that! Vaginal breech birth, when properly supported, can be totally safe. While many providers may push a planned cesarean, you have the right to decline . The Safety Factor If breech presentation is normal, why are discoveries of Breech babie

Guide to Galactagogues

Guide to Galactagogues Chances are that if you’ve ever had a baby, you’ve faced some of these agonizing anxieties: am I  making enough milk ?, is my baby getting enough milk?, is my baby gaining weight properly?, etc… While these questions may or may not be unfounded, we’ve all spent time wondering where we even start to look for answers.  Thankfully the options are plentiful, from basic body mechanics, to herbal support, all the way to off label prescriptions. So let’s die in and review the risks, benefits, and the mechanisms that make them effective. Body Mechanics Before jumping headfirst into costly supplement regimens, consider making an appointment with a recommended lactation consultant, or purchasing a scale for doing weighed feedings at home . This involves weighing your naked infant just before a feed and just after a feed. The increase in your baby’s weight will reflect how much your baby has eaten. Being able to visually see that your baby has taken in three to five ounces

Tearing in Birth - What is the Norm?

Tearing in Birth: What is the Norm? If there was ever one hill almost every doula would die on, it would almost certainly be that episiotomy and tearing are not by default, a normal part of birth. While episiotomy is blog for a different day, now is the perfect time to dive headfirst into perineal tears, labial lacerations, and everything in between. Let’s discuss why they occur, how to prevent them, how to know how severe they are, and how to heal them. When we think about tearing during childbirth, we often jump to thoughts of torn perineums, but the truth is that tears can affect almost every part of the vagina and vulva. Each tear comes with its own set of challenges, and some are more avoidable than others. However, no matter the location(s) of your tearing, healing will require care, delicacy, and kindness towards yourself. - Perineal Tearing : Tearing of the perineum is the most common and widely discussed area where tears take place. This is the tissue located between the vagin

Consumer Complaints: Essential To New Wave Maternity Care

Consumer Complaints: Essential To New Wave Maternity Care What Is A Consumer Complaint? Certainly we’ve all received a long awaited package, torn it open out of excitement, and come face to face with disappointment. This product we purchased is not the product we were sold. When faced with this situation, a vast majority of us will go back onto the website we purchased the item from to leave a review explaining why the product does not live up to its advertised quality. We do this not only to let the company know we’re not happy with our service, but also to warn other consumers that this product isn’t worth their time, energy, and money. This is a normal part of life, right? An online consumer’s right of passage, if you will. What if I told you that you can do the same exact thing with Drs, Hospital Staff, and Nurses? What if I told you that doing so doesn’t just warn others that they shouldn’t waste their time and money? instead, it actually sends a clear warning that their body, bab