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Respecting the Golden Hour

Respecting the Golden Hour The time immediately following your birth is crucial to the well being of our child. Research says that respecting what is called “The golden Hour” can help give your child the best possible start. If it is possible, requesting that your medical staff and birth team respect this time can help your baby adjust to life on the outside before they are poked and prodded with newborn tests and passed from person to person for birth stats.  The way in which the golden hour mentality is carried out varies from culture to culture. In some cultures an extended golden hour called “lying in” is a practice in which women are waited upon and only allowed to do minimal tasks such as getting up to use the bathroom, but not to shower. It is said to be supportive of postpartum healing and mother-child attachment. However, in some cultures, parents aren’t afforded any paid time off of work to recover from birth and bond with their baby.  Visitors are no exception to the rule. I

What *actually* starts labor?

Can We Predict the Start of Labor? People (me included) say all the time, “Babies come on their own time.” And, this is true, they do. But, they don’t just randomly choose a day. It isn’t luck of the draw or even chance. So if there is something more to it, what *actually* starts labor? Let’s dive a bit deeper! I know you’ve heard this before if you are not new around here, but your baby’s body and your body literally work together to start labor. They have been working together this whole time during pregnancy and will continue to work throughout birth and as long as you breastfeed. My mama would argue she can still feel when something is off from me (I live in Boston and she’s in Mississippi!) Your mama instinct is so strong. There are so many birthing people who say they feel like an induction isn’t the right choice for them and there’s research to show that you might be right!  *You’re going to notice that some of these articles seem old. They are old because this isn’t new. This i

Feeling snotty? There's a reason!

  Mucus Production & Pregnancy Doesn't sound awesome, but doesn't sound too bad, does it? You're probably thinking a runny nose and you're not too far off, but it can also look like ear infections and sinus infections. During pregnancy, your hormones rage (duh!), but the specific surges in estrogen does helpful things like increasing blood supply to your vaginal area and creating your mucus plug. Since you're pregnant, you can't take most medications. Even if you could, many people choose to limit medication consumption during pregnancy and nursing. So what are you to do? Just be a walking snot factory for 9+ months? No, not at all. Like everything else, you have some choice here on your approaches. Here are a few remedies to clear mucus : -  Chiropractic care - Drinking lots of water - Adding electrolytes to your water - Eating garlic + onions - Cutting down (consider eliminating) dairy - Netti pot - Drinking hot liquids -  Apple cider vinegar -  Turmeric  

Heartburn in Pregnancy

  Heartburn in Pregnancy Why does it happen? Heartburn is incredibly common and will plague between 17%-45% of pregnant people (Vazquez JC. Heartburn in pregnancy. BMJ Clin Evid. 2015;2015:1411. Published 2015 Sep 8.). This happen because of two hormones: progesterone and relaxin. They are responsible for relaxing the muscles in your body during pregnancy to allow for growth and stretching in order to accommodate your baby. This causes your esophagus and the sphincter that keeps it closed to relax as well. Also, as your baby grows your “real estate” gets smaller and smaller. With this change, your stomach gets squished which forces stomach acid back up into your esophagus. Not pleasant, but there are ways to combat this physical change and discomfort! First, what not to do! -  Do not stop eating.  Your baby needs to be nourished. Not eating will actually increase your stomach acid making your heartburn worse. -  Do not munch on antacids  (TUMS, Rolaids) like candy as this has been link

7 Slippery Slopes of Labor

7 Slippery Slopes of Labor How to stay in control during labor is one of the most FAQs that I receive on a daily basis! Good news! So many of the “unknowns” of birth can be alleviated with the proper education and preparation!  But there is a catch here! The catch is.. how you prepare is uber important. Meaning you can read all the books that you have been told to read, but if you're not reading the right books, then it's really not going to prepare you. You can take all of the childbirth ed classes that your hospital has to offer. But, if your hospital isn't presenting you with all of the options during the childbirth ed course, and they're only presenting you with options that they want you to know, this prevents you from being able to truly make an informed and confident choice.  Being able to freely make a decision after open discussion with your doctor is what we call shared decision making . This means you, your medical team and your support people come together t