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Getting Your Labor Started

Getting Your Labor Started  There are so many stories of women eating pineapple or dates or spicy foods to give labor a jumpstart. Michel Odent has said that he believes babies speak to their mother’s body by varying levels of hormones and chemicals as well as position of baby. This communication will be the initiation of labor. Until then, I am skeptical that anything can start labor. However, I do believe that if enough of the puzzle is in place and you try one of the traditional natural induction methods like breast pump , acupuncture or sex , you very well might tip the scale in your favor and labor might begin. On the other hand, you may try all the things and still need a medical induction. What's a gal to do?  Release any and all expectations of that right now. Trust that your baby and body know what to do and that your perfect birth story cannot and will not miss you if you trust. You have to realize that you