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Perspective: Why I Support People with Anxiety

 { Snag your seat in our FREE TRAINING to master your mindset for birth without the fear and anxiety! } Fear Fear is an emotion that strips us of control. Fear paralyzes people. The fact that there are so many unknown factors in birth can evoke fear in people. However, fear can be controlled. Fear can be overcome using the right approaches and support.  It is weren't for fear, many people would do things differently. I like to turn fear into power. I like to connect with current thoughts and perceptions and then acknowledge fear. There is a different experience out there, but you have to birth in an entirely different way.  Why I Support Parents with Anxiety As a fellow sufferer of anxiety, I know all too well how change can bring about unwanted emotions. Emotions that are big (even if only to you) and unprepared for. Sometimes, these emotions can be too big to cope with on your own. As someone who has figured out o

Flying with a Newborn

Traveling with a Newborn  [This is also an episode of Friday Free Talk on The Tranquility Tribe Podcast on iTunes. Listen  here .] What You Need To Know:  Traveling with a newborn can be intimidating, anxiety provoking, and even grueling if you don't prepare. Luckily, most people are very kind and patient with cute and tiny humans. My partner and I travel often--he much more than I due to work--but every few weeks we find one or both of us on a plane jetting off to our next destination. We love to spend time in airports--the people watching is fantastic, but the plane watching is even better. Having the opportunity to be on the first one-hundred flights on a newly released plane or experiencing your first flight on a Dreamliner Boeing 787 can't be described in words for those of us who have a major case of wanderlust. Recently, we spent upwards of 20 hours on a plane with a mom and a one-month old baby fr