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Can You Fire Your Boss?

Can You Fire Your Boss? I once worked for a boss that fired me for speaking up against workplace violence and emotional abuse happening. Could you imagine a boss that is coercive, manipulative, blatantly lies (to you and others), promises impossible things at the expense of others, belittles and berates you, has zero boundaries, and has a bad case of the God Complex? You'd want to fire this person, right? Now, imagine if this was your midwife or OBGYN. You'd definitely want to fire this person, right? You can't necessarily fire your boss at work, but if this is someone who is helping you have your baby, you can. You get to choose. You are in full control of who you allow in the room when your are laboring and birthing your child. Plot Twist: You're the Boss  In Doctor-Patient relationships, YOU are the boss. You call the shots because this is YOUR body. Now there are limits to this. You don't have the right to diagnose yourself and just hope your do