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Another Perspective. Support for the Midwife Bill.

Another Perspective, Support for the Midwifery Bill with Diana Snyder [This is also an episode of Friday Free Talk on The Tranquility Tribe Podcast on iTunes. Listen  here .] Hey Tranquility Tribe! Thanks for joining us for this episode of the Tranquility Tribe podcast. Last week, Hehe talked to Joyce Hunt-Kimball about Bill H. 1189, more recently drafted as H. 4655, about why she opposes the bill and the impact that it could have on women’s health. Today, Hehe is speaking to Diana Snyder, who is a strong supporter of the proposed bill. Who is Diana? Diana Snyder is a healthcare attorney who graduated from BU school of law in 2011 with a focus on the intersection of healthcare and women’s rights. After she graduated, she moved to California, where she practiced for four years. During her time in CA, a friend who worked in a hospital asked her for legal advice on forced compliance issues that she had observed in her workplace, including forced cesareans and forced ind

"She's so lucky, She's a Starr."

"She's so lucky, She's a Starr."  Where my Britney fans at?! Who remembers jamming to this Britney Spears hit with a hair brush microphone in the mirror! Whew, what would I give to be back in the 90's when everything seemed simpler, amiright? I recently had the chance to join a private event hosted by Starr Yoga Founder and Owner, Julie Starr. She is a calming and warm energy. We first met over coffee and discussed our love for yoga pants and how the same things that annoy her also get on my last nerve! Julie and I clicked instantly. She was the realness I have been looking for since moving to Boston, but without the brutal honesty and harsh deliveries. When I first got to the studio, I noticed right away the feel. The space was beautiful, clean, and grounding.  There's the possibility for lots of natural light and sunrise sessions immediately came to mind. The entrance made it feel welcoming while the music and smell made it feel relaxing and sti