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14 Gifts for a Wish List as a New Parent

14 Gifts for a Wish List as a New Parent

Shopping for pregnant people can be so hard. Knowing what to tell people to buy you as a pregnant person is so hard! One of the most meaningful gifts you can buy someone is something they need but one purchase for themselves! We’ve got you covered when it comes to gifting the pregnant people in your life things that will help make their pregnancy and postpartum a little bit more luxurious! 

  • Totum Women Cookies - These are cookies that taste good, support your milk supply, and have a wonderful mission! The mission behind this company is so much more than just lactation cookies! There is an online community aspect, online resources, and virtual events to help you know you are not alone! These are a wonderful gift for the new mama friend who is nursing or pumping! 

  • Thinx underwear - These are the best gift for a friend who you aren’t afraid to give an intimate gift--but one that will change their life! (Kinda like the friend who has never owned a vibrator-- you get her a vibrator!) These period underwear are perfect for postpartum! Matter of fact, they just created a postpartum set that was designed for supporting postpartum bleeding!

  • Silverette cups - These are a must have for any nursing or pumping parent. These tiny, but mighty silver nipple covers will be a game changer! Silver has natural healing properties such as being antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. They are all you need to heal your nipples and keep them healed while feeding your little one!

  • Mama strut pelvic brace - This is the ultimate gift for a postpartum, birthing parent. Anyone who has carried and birthed a baby needs one of these pelvic braces! This brace can be used in pregnancy to support that growing belly in the last few weeks of pregnancy and in postpartum to support your healing pelvic floor! It has a fun gel pack that can go in the crotch for vaginal deliveries and in a pocket on the belly for cesarean births. It also has a place to hold in place postpartum pads. It’s an investment, but if you can use it third trimester through the fourth trimester and beyond, it’s worth considering! 

  • Baobei maternity leggings + Baobei Pro Bump - When folks are buying for pregnant people, usually they are really buying for baby. But, what happens to the bump? As it grows, it will need support and Baobei’s maternity leggings + Pro Bump belly support band are perfect for giving your pregnant pal a boost--literally! The leggings are so comfy and the Pro Bump is just the hug you need to get you through the third tri! 

  • Kindred Bravely Hospital Bag Bundle - This is a gift that you can’t go wrong with because it is the essentials that any birthing person needs to have a baby! A buttery soft robe, a nursing tank, nursing bra, a labor and delivery gown, plus undies and socks! This is so luxurious and is sure to bring a huge smile to an expectant person’s face this holiday season! 

  • Lavie massager + Haakaa - Breastfeeding is hard work and one of the most influential factors in someone’s success of breastfeeding is the support they have around them. Give your friend a gift that says, “I support your choices” by gifting them a Haakaa and a Lavie massager! The haakaa is a milk collector that is so handy in collecting the letdown of the breast not being nursed or pumped! It can also be used to unclog blocked ducts and relieve mastitis! The Lavie massager is the perfect compliment to the haakaa! It is a handheld massager that can be placed in your nursing/pumping bra to help milk flow and to stimulate milk production! 

  • Audible subscription - Finding the time to read as a new parent can feel impossible, but a subscription to audible can be the game changer you’ve been waiting on! Audible is an audiobook subscription that has all of today’s latest books! You can find any genre and search by title or author! Each month you get a book credit so it’s easy to make ‘me-time’ a priority when it slips so easily into your day as an audio book! Listening to audiobooks during nursing sessions are a great way to keep yourself away in the early hours of the morning! 

  • Soy based candles + slippers - Candles are such a big hit when it comes to holiday gifts but the candles we give to pregnant friends (and friends who are trying to conceive or have little ones in the home) matter! Traditional candles are filled with all sorts of icky chemicals including perfumes and fragrances that are known hormones disruptors! If you are gifting candles, please make it a soy candles! And, no candle is complete without a cozy pair of slippers!

  • Natural Deodorant + Spa Kit - You know how much I love primally pure and all of their products! Well, their spa kit is to die for and a guaranteed hit with any new parent! It comes with 2 bath salts, body oil, and a dry brush! While you’re at it, pick them up some of my favorite deodorant! (Another product that is extremely harmful to pregnant and postpartum bodies!) This is the perfect gift to say, ‘Relax! You’re worth it!’

  • Kitara yoni steaming kit - Remember when I said the perfect gift was a gift someone wouldn’t buy themselves--well, this is it! Yoni steaming has incredible benefits and can be especially helpful in the healing process after birth! Steaming can help bring sensation back, return blood flow, and help nourish tissues that were involved in labor and delivery. A yoni steaming kit is the perfect gift for the hippie friend who loves to be in touch with her spiritual side! (Yoni steaming should be avoided in pregnancy. Always check with your healthcare provider before incorporating anything new into your routines!).

  • Ember cup - This is the ultimate mom gift for the early riser! She probably doesn’t get to drink hot coffee often. With little babes running around, coffee seems to get cold so quick! The Ember cup will keep coffee warm for hours! This cup can be controlled by your smartphone and it learns when to heat and when to turn off! You can get really fancy and customize the temperature of your coffee with the range of preset temps!

  • Expecting You Journal - This journal is the perfect place for writing out your feelings, emotions, experiences, and desires during pregnancy! We encourage our clients and members of The Birth Lounge to journal about their ideal birth! Did you know that journaling has health benefits that can pay off in labor? Studies have shown it can reduce intrusive and avoidant thoughts, reduce stress, problem solve more effectively, get clearer on your expectations, and increase self-esteem! This journal has cute illustrations and quotes throughout to keep you positive and motivated towards a healthy and happy birth!

  • Expecting Better + Cribsheet - Professor Emily Oster is a Economist and research junkie! When she had her own children, she was shocked at the discrepancies in advice and the wide spectrum of information thrown at new parents! Naturally, Dr. Oster turned to the stats and data. Through this, we all get to enjoy the benefits of her hard work through her books. She has broken down the science of many pregnancy taboos (like drinking coffee, cleaning the cat litter, and eating deli meat) in her first book, Expecting Better. This is my favorite book to suggest to pregnant people. Her second book, Cribsheet, is diving into the science of parenthood (like sleep training, breastfeeding, and the language development in your child!)

The holidays look a little different this year! But, that doesn’t mean the spirit of giving is any less strong! We will be spending less in travel costs and more in shipping, but know this is temporary. I look forward to spreading the joy of the holiday season with those I love by the gifts I give!!

*Some of these are clickable links! Tranquility by HeHe makes a small percentage on some of the links included. We appreciate your support!


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