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Gifts for Every Badass Lady in Your Life

Gifts for Every Badass Lady in Your Life

Valentine's Day is such a commercialized holiday, I get it. Not everyone loves to recognize love, but… I’m not one of those people! I love V-day! It really just entices my hopeless romantic side. In my teen years, A Walk to Remember and The Notebook were among my favorite movies that I could watch on replay and cry every time I saw it as if it was the first time. What can I say? I love a good love story. 

Sometimes in pregnancy, the spark can be lost or the intimacy is forgotten. Sometimes our gratitude for one another takes a back seat because of the overwhelming to-do list that comes along with having a baby. I challenge you to take this Valentine’s Day to recognize the love that it took to get this child here and remember the passion you have for your partner. If you’re expecting a baby, your life is about to change forever. In a really good way, but in a way that is going to test your relationship and you need compassionate understanding and love to help you through those seasons. If you are new parents, remember this is a season. It too shall pass and I promise it does. Everything is temporary in this stage-- the lack of sleep, the fussiness, the feeding challenges, the blowouts. It will eventually resolve, and you’ll be on to a new challenge. Don’t forget to lean on your partner in these times of frustration and overwhelm. Use this Valentine’s Day to share the love and relight that spark before your baby arrives. 

I’ve put together a list of incredible gifts for the women in your life-- your mom, your bestie, yourself..*uh hmm, share this with your partner*, and all the other badass ladies you have in your life. 

  • - Boob Necklace - Now I know this doesn’t strike you as ‘self-care,’ but every time she sees this hanging around her neck it will serve as a reminder of just how strong she is. She will remember the hard work her body puts in everyday from growing and birthing babies, to feeding those little humans, to standing on her feet for endless hours in the kitchen and driving hundreds of miles carting around the kids to here and there and everywhere in between.

  • - CBD - I truly believe this is the secret weapon to motherhood. CBD is such a powerful tool that simply plays off the natural systems in our bodies. Every human has what is called an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for helping to regulate our memory, mood, appetite, and sensory system. Now, you must be very careful with which CBD products you trust to be in and around your body, so we’ve already vetted them for you! I exclusively use Elmore Mountain Therapeutics for many reasons and some of those are: they are a woman owned business founded by a mother who discovered CBD was a solution to her postpartum depression and anxiety. I also love that they use a method of CO2 for extraction and therefore produces an incredibly pure product. I use their tincture everyday to keep me sharp and anxiety free and the CBD balm is a lifesaver for headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps!

  • - Primally Pure Spa Set - What is better than giving the woman in your life the gift of health? But not just any health-- products that will not only keep her body safe and her skin glowing, but also rid her systems of toxins and harsh chemicals! From deodorant to my daily skincare routine, I love Primally Pure products and have been using them well over 3 years. Last year, they launched a baby line which I automatically fell in love with...and use these products, too...for myself! Don’t judge me. They have baby powder, baby oil, baby soap (that clears up any and all skin irritations in your baby), and butt balm! The reason I love Primally Pure so much is that their products are plant-based. They believe in a “less is best” when it comes to their certified organic ingredients that they source from local farms! My farmer’s daughter's heart is literally shrieking with love. Their less is more mindset means they make their products with as few ingredients as possible. Personally I have eleven of their products. If you have questions about their products, just ask--chances are, I’ve tried it! Their spa set is to die for and the perfect gift for a mom friend--expecting or not!

  • - Thinx Underwear - This is a gift of pure love! This gift is for the gal pal in your life that you want to be around in 100 year. This is also for the expectant mama friend who you want to transform her postpartum bleeding experience. How’s this gift going to do that? Well, Thinx underwear solves two very big problems--it saves our earth and it saves your friends vagina (and hormones!). Have you ever taken a look at what is in traditional period care products? You might be shocked (even nauseas) to learn that bleach, carcinogens like Glyphosate (think.. Round Up), and fragrances that are known hormone disruptors. Whether you realize it or not, your vagina is one of the most permeable and absorbent places of the human body and each month we expose it to chemicals like Dioxin, one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world. The argument is that it’s in such low amounts that it’s not harmful, yet we are finding research to prove otherwise. While it may be low amounts, we are talking about residual build up from continuous use month after month. Do your bestie a favor for the restie (literally) and invest in Thinx underwear for her. Thinx can be used for roughly two years--that’s 24 periods! It’s so much safer than toxic period products, it keeps those icky chemicals and waste out of our landfills, and it’s nice to know you’ve interrupted one pathway of toxins from entering your best friends body!

  • - Love Crave - Okay, this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own and wanna know why? It’s secretly a vibrator and it’s TSA approved so you can take it on all your vacays! This is a great necklace for date night and absolutely perfect to give to the love of your life on the morning of Valentine’s Day and be told, “See you at 7pm. xo, Me” *cues song: When a man loves a woman by Michael Bolton* It’s so discrete and actually very quiet! I’ve also never had anyone ask me what it was other than once at a festival in Boston. I was going through security and had accidentally put it on with the teeny tiny button facing outwards. The security lady asked me if it was a vape! Ha! The look on her face when I said, “No, it’s a vibrator” was absolutely priceless. It was shock followed by an approval smile and nod that said, “I’m ordering one of those tonight when I get home.” I was gifted mine by The Bloomi (which is also one of my go-to women’s sexual health and wellness resources) Grab yours here and make this V-day spicy.

  • - Birth Mantra Cards - This gift is for the expecting mama that is in touch with her spiritual side. She understands the power of mantras and is truly mastering her mindset around birth to prepare for her little one’s arrival. I was given a set of these mantra cards and I love them so much. I pull 3 a day and somehow they are always exactly what I need to hear. The mantras I pull each morning are the mantras I use throughout my day. A few times, I have pulled a card in the morning and been called to a birth throughout the day where I used one of the mantras I pulled that morning. They are always immensely helpful! If you’re new around here, you should know this about me: I believe that birth is 90% mindset. If you can master your mindset around the expectations you have set for birth, then you will, no doubt, stay in control from start to finish. These cards are incredibly helpful in helping you master your mindset.

  • - Moraccan Magic - You know those folks that you should get just a little something for, but you want it to be thoughtful? Morroccan Magic is your answer! This lip balm goes on so silky smooth and leaves my lips so hydrated. I honestly have MM in all of my bags, purses, backpacks, overnight bags, and yesterday I counted three in my bathroom in various places (I even keep one in the shower for when I do steams). Elderberry & Manuka Honey is my favorite flavor! One of my favorite things about Morroccan Magic is their ingredients list.

  • - Bloom Mom Tribe Conference Ticket - This is a big ask and I get that, but I challenge you to think: are you worth it? The answer: yes. Yes, you are, my friend! This conference is going to rock your world! I am so excited to get to hang out and share the stage with so many fantastic women! This conference is all about stepping into your power as a mom and finding a community to support that! You know I’m here for that party! I’m going to be sharing how to take control of your birth experience and exactly how to have a safe, controlled birth experience that doesn’t result in birth trauma.

  • - Postpartum Journal - I included this journal in a giveaway and Kate sent me one, as well. It was a nice surprise, but I wondered how much I would get out of it since I don’t have children and wow! I was not only challenged to think about how I might be with children, but I had the opportunity to see postpartum from the outside perspective. It made me think about my own postpartum expectations, how to better serve our clients, and how to raise the bar on postpartum standards in general. You deserve to have a fourth trimester that isn’t filled with anxiety or full of chaos.

  • - The Birth Lounge Membership - The Birth Lounge will literally change your life. I teach you the 3 core components on how to prepare for your baby and avoid birth trauma. The easy three step process of controlling your environment, controlling your choices, and controlling your mindset will help you birth confidently and without fear. We unravel the “unknown” of birth and show you exactly how you can find faith in the process. We also break down how to manage the pressures and waves of birth including medical and non-medical pain relief. The Birth Lounge empowers you to feel in control from start to finish and helps dispel the anxieties caused by fear based information around pregnancy and birth! Join The Birth Lounge here and use the code FRIENDS to save $5/off each month! 

Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize the special people in your life that make you feel safe and loved. This is huge. This is a feeling that humans crave and will chase all over the world. Take the time to show thanks to the people closest to you. 

Xoxo, HeHe

Don’t forget to check out our newest adventure The Birth Lounge, listen in to The Birth Lounge Podcast, and follow us on Instagram at @tranquilitybyhehe! 


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