Mindset is 90% of the game

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Mindset is 90% of The Game 

Have you ever done something and thought "I'm going to die. This is it. This is how my story ends and I meet my creator!" Well, I believe that 'impossible' is just an illusion and it's really about mindset and grit! 

Recently, I went to Core Power Yoga for the first time ever recently and I thought I was going to meet Jesus himself.

I try to show up as authentically as possible for our audience. I want everything I do to be a reflection of this hard work that you and I put in everyday. I want the world to know that it is a choice to birth better and to take control of your experience. In doing this, I am so often trying to think of the takeaway points that I can share with our tribe to serve them deeper.

This event started off great and fun. I was laughing and poking fun at my friend (my "birth partner" if you will) much like early labor. Then things started to really take off and I thought "oh shit, I was not prepared for this in the least bit." The teacher then introduced herself and said, "welcome to class." Yep, as in that "really taking off" business that I just spoke of, was a soft hello. Cue the thoughts of dying and hellfire, brim stones, dragons.. you get the picture.

During this 60 minute rendezvous with death, I realized this was the sneakiest sneak peak that one can have into a glimpse of labor. Not to reduce labor to 60 minutes of physical activity that any 27 year old should easily be able to do by any means, but to say that the same exact techniques that I teach my clients are what I used to get through. From mantras of "I'm bigger than this," and "I'm almost there, I can do this," to concentrated breathing techniques and willing myself to make it the next 10 seconds.

The way we transform our clients' lives is the same way I transform my own. I am showing up for our tribe by walking, and doing, right alongside you. What I ask of you is also what I ask of myself. So my takeaways that I wanted to share with you that are also relatable to the journey you're on as you transition to motherhood. You can use these as reference points along this journey in various places.

Motherhood is hard, but remember, you can do this.

1. I was caught off guard and quickly prepared myself for a journey that I had not previously thought I'd be on. It wasn't ideal, but I knew in the moment that the only control I had was the way I reacted to this sudden change in plans. This means I could stay and try it or I could walk out and never even attempt to conquer this mountain.

2. I set my intention with plenty of grace to spare as I knew I came to this class utterly unprepared and completely blindsided. I decided that I would give my all, but that however I showed up was good enough for me. Remember, the alternative was me walking out of class before it even started.

3. I never stopped moving. I knew, from watching countless labors over the last few years, that if I ever stopped moving, I would need that much more encouragement and umpf to get back up and going again. I knew that once my body stopped moving, it was probably game over from that moment on. I knew that momentum was my friend and I was careful not to disrupt that flow of energy.

4. I repeated my mantra over and over again. Even when I thought I had reached my breaking point, I would ask myself, "10 more?" and that meant 'can I give 10 more seconds?' Turns out, I could.. and I DID consistently.

5. "You've made it to your mat." This was the equivalent to "You're baby is right here." Any mother can tell you that the moment your healthcare provider says, "gimme one last push and your baby is going to be here," is quite possibly the sweetest words you'll ever hear. After hours, days even, of hard labor, there's nothing that can compare to finally seeing your new baby you've been growing and waitin for for almost 10 months.

The teacher said "find a Shavasana that is comfortable to you." As I laid there in fetal position, sure that I was dying, the teacher said "if you're on your back, it means this. If you're in child's pose, it means this. If you're in fetal position..... it means you are about to go through a huge rebirth." I've lost all control of my emotions now and I'm lying in fetal position crying like a newborn being told I'm going through a rebirth.

Alright Universe, I hear you loud and clear, my friend. Loud and Clear.

I stopped breathing for a moment. I don't know about you, but I take these things as big ole' signs from the universe. Throughout each day, I get these tiny and subtle messages that let me know I am supported by a force that bigger than me. These messages allow me the reassurance that I am on the right path, that I am making an impact. That women are reclaiming their power in the birth sphere.

My hope is that you can take these takeaways to heart and transform the way you approach your upcoming birth. I also hope that you take this as a message from the Universe that you can do this. You are doing this. Welcome home, mama.

The mindset you choose to approach parenthood is important. Click the image above to find a list of quick and simple things you can do to hit reset! I've been there. I know exactly what it's like to feel completely overwhelmed and wish there was a pause button. I've got your back.

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"Welcome to the Tranquility Tribe"

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