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Period like a Queen

Period like a Queen 

My menstrual cycle wasn't something I was always so in tune with. It wasn't something I had extensive understanding about and it certainly wasn't always a casual topic of conversation for me at networking events and Facebook lives. No, actually, my period was something that I wished away for so long and you know what? It worked! I didn't get my period until I was just shy of 18 years old. While other girls were lying about Aunt Flo showing up and boasting that they had to change their tampons, I was busy mumbling under my breath "please don't let my period come anytime soon."

Bleeding every month for 7 days isn't ideal for a gal who loves to be naked or at least wear as little clothing as possible at all times. I am a summer child. The beach is my happy place. Naked is my preferred state of being and just the idea of a period seemed disruptive. Of course, I knew I need "it" to get pregnant so when the time came for me to procreate, I was happy to oblige and pay the monthly price. But, until then, I was all set with a prepubescent body if it meant no period.

Finally, on Halloween night 2008, sitting at a high school basketball game killing time before the haunted house, I became a woman. Just like that. One minute it wasn't there, the next minute it was. I didn't feel any different--other than a little wet down there--but this was the moment, right? All the sudden, I was this mature, able to get pregnant, must be extra careful when you're having sex individual, but I still just felt like myself. I had never even had sex at this point, so I gathered that must be why it didn't feel any different.

Fast forward an entire decade. Now, I free-bleed using Thinx Underwear, manage the menstrual sensations with CBD, and support my vaginal pH health with Healthy HooHoo. Throughout the month, I am mindful of my diet as to support my hormonal shifts of my cycle (yes, your cycle is the entire month, not just the days you're bleeding). I also recognize and respect the messages my body sends me like "I need rest, take a light week," or "I need to move, go to yoga." I even have times of the month when I am more creative or more introspective.

5 Tips to Managing Your Period like Royalty 
  1. Be Mindful - Be mindful of the messages your body is sending you. Spend some time loving on yourself. Your hormones can cause some really skewed thoughts so do something lovely and relaxing for yourself. Pay attention to when your body is signaling the need for more rest. Then, honor that request. Be intentional with your diet as to support the hormonal and physical shifts happening in your body. Learn what your body is communicating and track the patterns so you can begin to predict what your body will need in comparison to where you're at in your cycle. Listen to the cues your body send to you--you know your body best, respect that relationship. Our two favorite period resources for learning to listen to your body are Rhythm and Root and Elizabeth Raybould Wellness
  2. Use Natural Products - It's 2019 and you can manage your period a number of different ways--tampons, pads, discs, sponges, a cup, thinx ..literally whatever tickles your fancy. Personally, I don't think it matters how you manage your period rather than what you're using to do so. I'm talking about using certified organic brands like Lola for Organic tampons (and pads!), Cora for Organic pads (and tampons!), Mahina for a medical grade silicone menstrual cup, and Thinx for stylish, not embarrassing period underwear. If you're not sure where to start, The Bloomi, has an incredible ban list of items that are just not suitable for your ladybits. I mentioned it was 2019 right? Well, that also means there's absolutely no reason that you should not be using clean period products. Of course, you certainly have the choice, but the risks are very clear. If you have questions about the risks of traditional period care products, book a 30-minute consultation here
  3. Explore CBD - I have two favorite brands of CBD. Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD (EMT CBD) and Rosebud CBD. I particularly love EMT for my period because they have these amazing CBD balms. I literally calm them my "calm balms"--one is regular and one is icy cold. I use these balms for so much--sunburns, sore muscles, headaches (on temples), back aches, and stomach aches. For my period, though, I would not be able to live without their Medi-Cool CBD balm. It's like a natural Icy Hot plus CBD--does it get any better? I also use EMT CBD tincture everyday for general "maintenance."  I use Rosebud 700mg mixed with 100% pure vitamin E oil on my face when I have breakouts and it works lovely. Rosebud has a wonderful all-purpose salve that I am dying to try, but haven't yet! 
  4. Drink Lots of Water - This is kinda in the same category as be mindful, but I felt like it was so important that it deserved it's own number. S.t.a.y H.y.d.r.a.t.e.d. That's just the bottom line. Stay hydrated enough that your urine is clear or nearly clear. That can be challenging on your menstrual cycle and if you find that increasing your water intake is not enough, try revisiting your diet. 
  5. Support Your Vagina - Your vagina (and ovaries + uterus) is doing alot of changing and shifting during this time. You want to make sure you are supporting your genitals with safe products. One place that alot of menstruating people go wrong is trying to clean their vagina. It's true that your period can make your downstairs smell funky, but you should be aware of what you're using to manage this very common side effect of having a period. I personally love the pH balanced personal hygiene wipes by Healthy Hoo Hoo. They are small and compact so I carry them in my backpack, in my purse, in my back pocket, in my clutch, and once in the back pocket of my LuLu's! They don't disrupt your natural microbiome and they are made by women. They're obviously all-natural. Healthy Hoo Hoo also has feminine wash if wipes aren't your jam! Another place people often introduce harmful chemicals that can mess up your vaginal PH is with personal lubricants. When thinking about clean lubes, we recommend Coconu (this is my personal fave!) and GoodCleanLove (I also love!). Knowing what is in each of your lubricants is important and this is a great time to revisit the ban list from The Bloomi.

I am a firm believer that your period should not be painful and certainly not so painful that it is debilitating. I truly, deep down in my core, don't think that our bodies were designed that way. There's no way that women were meant to be "out of commission" once a month just for the sake of reproduction, I ain't buying it. Your menstrual cycle is one big continuous loop of feedback from your body throughout the month, every month. If we can channel our inner goddess and learn to be mindful of the messages our bodies are sending us, I know we can change the way women menstruate. Sometimes it's the simplest shifts that make the biggest impact. I wanted to share with you what worked for me in hopes that it can work for you, too. Or at the very least, get your wheels turning so you can find what works for you.

"Welcome to the Tranquility Tribe"
When you're ready to take control of your period, we'll be waiting. When you decide you want to period like a queen, pull a chair up. Our table always has a seat for you. Welcome home. 

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