Do You have a Hormone Imbalance?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Do You have a Hormone Imbalance?

Hormone Imbalances come in all different shapes, sizes, colours. From acne to heavy periods, from stubborn weight gain to light or no periods, your hormonal imbalance could look completely different from Sally’s down the street.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “what the heck is a hormonal imbalance?” I’m so glad you asked! Hormonal Imbalance is a term thrown around a lot in the wellness world, but it’s not defined or explained very often. Hormonal Imbalance simply means the ratio of hormones in your body (i.e. estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) is out of balance. Ideally, in the first half of your menstrual cycle Estrogen should be dominant, then as you get into the second half of your cycle progesterone takes over and rises. This seesaw should happen every month (or 21-33 days) but what a lot of women struggle with is progesterone not taking over in the second half of their cycles. That’s when you’ll see signs of a hormonal imbalance or Estrogen Dominance, which simply means estrogen is dominant for the duration of your cycle, not letting progesterone have its 15 minutes of fame.

What does estrogen dominance look like and feel like?

- Acne, especially on the chin and around the jawline
- PMS or premenstrual syndrome AKA bloating, mood swings, back aches, cramps, headaches
- Breast tenderness
- Low sex drive
- Hair loss
- Stubborn weight gain or inability to lose weight
- Inability to get pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy
- Abnormal periods, heavy periods are more often associated with high estrogen whereas light periods are often associated with low estrogen levels

Conventionally when we go to the doctor with symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, they give us a band-aid solution, like the birth control pill, acne medication, or a little pat on the back of the hand, saying “you’re fine.” These are not long-term solutions and will only make your imbalance worse.

What can you do to naturally balance your hormones?

1. Eat more Fibre! Estrogen is removed via stool, so if your bowels aren’t working, estrogen is going to continue circulating in the body.
2. Focus on consuming whole foods, limit processed foods, and aim for lots of veggies! Cruciferous veggies like kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli are amazing at helping the liver detox excess hormones!
3. Use clean home and personal care products. Head here ( for the low-down on ingredients to avoid when shopping for new products!
4. Limit stress. This includes external stress like work but also includes internal stress like food sensitivities and even working out. Listen to your body! Its okay to rest, especially during your period or ovulation.
5. Try Seed Cycling!

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This was a guest blog written by Elizabeth Raybould, a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Founder of Fuel Goodness, who helps women balance their hormones and navigate menstruation. 


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