How the Seasons Impact Humans and Our Births

Friday, October 5, 2018

How the Seasons Impact Humans and Our Births

Some people will think the “energy talk” is too woo-woo, but there’s no denying that energy plays a role in our lives. The planets are held in place and rotating by energy, the tides are impacted by the energetic pull on the earth, and patterns of human behavior have been linked to seasons or specific times of year. Equinox’s are part of the seasons and they indicate midway points. There is a Spring Equinox and Fall Equinox. The equinoxes are said to be days of perfect balance. It’s like Mother Nature has built in days of rest and balance for us.

Since little research exist, we can look at what the seasonal impacts are on humans. We see the impacts of the changing seasons in the Mental Health sphere with things like Seasonal Affective Disorder and some studies show that suicide rates can be linked to the seasons. We see the change in energy affect humans like full moons making children act wild and many small businesses report seasonal times of huge growth that almost feels magnetic. We also can see the energetic shift when hurricanes, strong thunderstorms, and snowstorms hit. This causes a spike in births!

Since there’s not much research out there about this topic, we rely on parents sharing their personal experiences.  Hundreds of moms have shared their experiences with baby born in different seasons and having drastically different personalities and temperaments. It makes sense from an energetic standpoint. Babies born in the fall are welcomed into the world in a warm, cozy, hibernating period. Babies born in the spring are born into a “rebirthing” period of hustle and bustle. While Spring is a happy time, it is often overstimulating to small babies because the energy is so high. Some cultures consider babies born on an equinox super good luck.

Personally, in my practice, I see spikes in February/March with conception being when the weather begins to warm up, May/June with conception coordinating with the onset of Fall, and then again in August/September with the conception being during the winter holidays. Coincidentally, the “off-seasons are my times of biggest growth!  

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