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5 Essential Oils for Your Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Essential Oils for Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

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I asked Anne Marie Lamers to chime in on essential oils to help make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period a little lighter! She is a pediatric nurse and mother to three kiddos! She even shares her favorite postpartum recipes with us! You can find her on instagram at @accidental.hippie.fam.

Meet Anne Marie

I am a wife to someone I have known since I was 12. I’m a mother to 3 kids on earth, 2 in heaven, and 1 swimming that is due at the beginning of November. (4 kids by Jim Gaffigan...look it’s hilarious) I am a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse going on 10 years! And I’m also a huge advocate for using quality essential oils to create health in the home. I have a passion especially for helping other moms create a healthy lifestyle of prevention. My brother in law actually introduced us to essential oils but I thought he was nuts, because obviously it’s witchcraft and I’m in the medical field. But then I did research on them and was shocked at some for the articles I found (check out ya’ll) Then we used them in our home and I was amazed with how well they worked for so many different things! What an empowering tool to have in your home, especially as a mom! I didn’t feel helpless any more!

How do you choose oils? 

When choosing essential oils it is SO important to understand that there isn’t a regulatory system that manages them and you can get some pretty crummy oils that will do more damage than good. So make sure you’re doing research on these three things:
  1. Where are the oils sourced and how are they farmed?
  2. What testing is done on the oils to make sure they are actually pure oil?
  3. What is the company like? Do they help preserve the plants? Are they moral and ethical? Are they transparent with their testing and oil sourcing?

Top 5 oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

  1. Frankincense: Perineal Prep/Healing (see recipes below!)
  2. Lavender: Perineal Prep/Healing (see recipes below!)
  3. Rose: Emotional support post baby. The trick is you want to get real actual rose oil. This is a pricey oil because it take a lot of plant product to make the oil, but it is SO worth it if you can get your hands on quality Rose oil. Apply it to your wrists, back of neck, and over your heart!
  4. Clary Calm Blend: This is a great blend for labor as well as post baby cramps and then can be used when you get your period back to help with hormone balance. Apply to your lower abdomen as needed for uterine cramps during labor as well as uterine cramps while baby is nursing (it gets worse with each kid...super excited about my 4th. LOL). If you don’t have Clary Calm, you could use Lavender and White Fir (or Siberian Fir) together to support that phenomenal uterus.
  5. Balance Blend: This is an emotional grounding blend that I love from doTERRA. It helps keep the calm and crazy. Apply to back of neck and bottoms of feet. Diffuse it at your bedside for a calm environment. This blend is made up of tree oils so if you don’t have Balance, then using cedarwood, frankincense, and fir oils could be helpful in the same way.

The amazing thing is that you can use some of these on your sweet new baby as well. The important thing is that babies only need very tiny amounts. So 1 drop of good quality essential oil in a 10mL roller bottle filled with Fractionated Coconut Oil is all they would need. You could make a sleepy blend for them with 1 drop lavender and 1 drop  frankincense and apply it gently behind their ears and bottoms of their sweet feet. You could make a gentle tummy blend for them with one drop of Wild Orange in a 10mL roller. This will support them with any tummy gas and discomfort they might have. Gently roll on their belly and massage in a clockwise motion. Simple and gentle oils are all that baby needs. Proper and safe dilution is key.

It’s important to understand that these amazing essential oils can help work with your body during this transition time. Be aware of what you need from your family and support system and do not be afraid to ask for it! If you are feeling extra sad, TELL SOMEONE. There is nothing to be ashamed of or scared of! Be proud of what your body just created, give yourself time to heal, and be honest with what you need to help during this amazingly blissful and exhausting phase in life. You are powerful beyond measure sweet mama, don’t forget that.

Anne Marie's Recipes:

Postpartum Bottom Spray: (in a 15 mL glass spray bottle)
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Lavender
Fill the rest with water and witch hazel and spray a few times a day on your bottom after going to the bathroom to help it heal.
*You can also spray this on pads and then put them in the freezer for a little postpartum “Pad-sicle” to help cool and heal!

Healing Bath Salts: 2 cups Epsom Salts
5  drops Frankincense
5 drops Lavender
Add ½ cup to warm water and enjoy a good healing soak every day for at least 2 weeks post baby! Take some good mom time, have a little wine, and watch some Netflix while your significant other cares for the kids ;)

Remember folks: Always ask your Healthcare Provider before incorporating any essential oils into your routines. Information in this blog is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or otherwise. Always check with your Healthcare provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Never apply essential oils directly to your newborn or infant.

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